Friday, February 3, 2012

Lipstick-a-palooza PART ONE

So one of my main New Years resolutions is to wear more colors in my makeup, specifically lipstick. Now, I have a lot of lipstick, but hardly ever wear it! This is a shame since I have a lot of great, bright colors. To make myself fall in love with the idea again, I decided a swatch fest was in order.

Oh man. My lips are tired from this! On the bright side, at least all the constant makeup removal exfoliated them.

The brands in Part 1 include: NYX Matte, NYC, NYX Black Label, and Covergirl
Part 2 will have: Wet N Wild, Clinique, and Maybelline

As Mario would say, HERE WE GOOO~! (...this is my blog alright?! I can make nerdy references if I so please!)

First up are the NYX Matte lipsticks.
Top: no flash; Bottom: flash
Left to right: Hippie Chic, Summer Breeze, Indie Flick, Angel

Top to Bottom: Hippie Chic, Indie Flick, Summer Breeze, Angel

N.Y.C. Ultra Moist Lip Wear
Retro Red (308)
NYX Black Label
Silver Stone
Covergirl Lip Perfection
That's all for part one! See part two for the rest!

Thanks for reading and have a great day! xx


  1. pretty colors! :) great blog! following!

    1. Glad you liked it! :) I'll be sure to follow back!

      Thanks for reading xx

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  2. lovely colours :)
    Glad I came across your blog !