Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tropical / Rainbow Tutorial

Finally! A tutorial that is actually acceptable to see by the public. I recently bought a light reflector for any future portrait photography and found that it creates a perfect light balance for filming, too!

Being that this is my first actual tutorial I would like to know what you think of it! Do you like/dislike the style of it? Do you prefer talking in person or voice over? Music/no music? Please comment below about with honest (but still constructive) opinions!

This look is done with my Burning Heart palette by Sugarpill and ughhh am I in love. The shadows are so pigmented and show up beautifully in pictures and in person. Especially well in pictures, in fact, because they are matte.

Click below for the tutorial video, more pictures, and a list of the products I used!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February MyGlam Bag

Ah, MyGlam. Just another thing to add to my list of unnecessary purchases this month.
For those that don't know, MyGlam is a monthly cosmetics/skincare bag created by YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan and endorsed by several others. It's essentially like Birchbox only without the customization. The company has gotten many mixed reviews over product selection and general shipping issues, but even with these...warnings, I decided to give it a go!

I actually ordered the bag in late January, but I think you have to order before the 10th of the current month in order to get that month's bag. A little confusing, but long story short I had to wait a while to get mine.

Click here to see photos and read about what I got:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lipstick-a-palooza PART ONE

So one of my main New Years resolutions is to wear more colors in my makeup, specifically lipstick. Now, I have a lot of lipstick, but hardly ever wear it! This is a shame since I have a lot of great, bright colors. To make myself fall in love with the idea again, I decided a swatch fest was in order.

Oh man. My lips are tired from this! On the bright side, at least all the constant makeup removal exfoliated them.

The brands in Part 1 include: NYX Matte, NYC, NYX Black Label, and Covergirl
Part 2 will have: Wet N Wild, Clinique, and Maybelline

As Mario would say, HERE WE GOOO~! (...this is my blog alright?! I can make nerdy references if I so please!)

Lipstick-a-palooza PART TWO

Here is part two! This will include the brands: Clinique, Wet n Wild, and Maybelline.
I hope you've all enjoyed this so far!

Let's get started!

Sugarpill Haul / First Thoughts

It's been forever that I've posted something! I figured a picture heavy haul would be a nice chance to get myself reacquainted with blogging. I promise more posts are coming the future!

I personally like wearing bright colors in both makeup and clothing, but I never tried a brand like this! Sugarpill is known for its highly pigmented eyeshadows in bright and fun colors. No neutrals here!

I bought the ever-popular palette in Flaming Heart, a single eyeshadow in Dollypop, and a Chromalust in Paperdoll. I also received a Chromalust sample in Birthday Girl, but couldn’t bear to swatch it since I’d like to use it eventually haha!

And now on to the pictures!